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What makes you special?

What do you do differently from other people, and how?

What do you want to emphasize? Social media are the perfect platform to convey all of that.

You did it! You painstakingly built up your business from scratch, you built connections and have gathered few loyal clients.

But… Just as you think that you’ve got everything under control, you realize that a truly successful business has a strong presence online, but you don’t know where and how to start. That’s because all the rules you know on how to run a business don’t necessarily apply online. Even if you are familiar with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s not as easy as you previously thought and you have to learn a brand new set of skill, a new way to generating income, and leap in a world that is relatively new to you.

Don’t fret, we are here to help!

First, let’s recognize the offline business skills that can be useful online:

  1. You know what your product is worth
  2. You know who your customers are and how to find them
  3. You can create deals and offers that appeal to your customers

You can pat yourself on the shoulders, these are great skills and you are already mastering them. Now, let’s have a look at the other skills you’ll need to build to become a true Master of Online Business – If you do this right, it will drastically improve your branding and image:

1) Change your attitude: online is essential, not extra!

We often come across business owners that neglect the online side of their business because of its lack of tangibility. Understand that your website IS your business. Your Facebook page IS your business, and so are all the other social media platforms. They are your store window, your sales display, and they attract customers

2) Gather an audience

An online audience is simply a large number of potential customers. Once you identify who is your average customer, with Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing you can target exclusively people that correspond to your average customer characteristics and by doing this, your efforts will be directed to who counts to you and your business.

3) Reinforce and define your brand

What makes you special? What do you do differently from other people, and how? What do you want to emphasize? Social media are the perfect platform to convey all of that. You can get your audience attention with lifestyle posts, give them a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, show them your creativity and make them care about you and your staff. All of this elements work together to ultimately consolidate your image in your prospective customers. Branding has never been easier.

4) Create Sales Conversation

If your website is presenting information rather than creating conversations, you should change your approach. Passive content doesn’t stick around for a long time, and you can run the risk of boring your audience. You want to create posts that make them react, or start conversations: these conversations will make sure that your audience is engaged.

Once your audience is engaged with you, you will be the first one they will think of when they need a product you sell or a service that you provide. You created a rapport, and that’s what is all about!


If you would like VSQUARED to help you create successful online content, type away and send us a message with any questions you have!

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