Rising Above The Crowd In Today’s Competitive Market

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In today's fiercely competitive landscape, standing out with your marketing is not just a choice—it's an imperative. It holds the key to establishing a distinctive brand identity, amplifying visibility, captivating…

Animation: The Answer to Advertising During the Coronavirus

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If you're a business owner who still wants a killer video, worry not. Animation might just be the answer to advertising during the coronavirus pandemic

This is the House of Storytellers that we Built

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This blogpost is a celebration of the 12th anniversary of VSQUARED. The article speaks about the progress of VSQUARED over the years and the obstacles faced by the team. The…

Web Design Trends for 2020

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Website design is a pretty recent art form and design trends change quickly. Here is our pick of the 7 hottest web design trends for 2020.


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When countries (and then continents) began to fall victim to COVID-19, advertisers around the world began to sweat. Quarantine means people staying home, which means businesses closing, which means less…

Jingles All the Way!

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  Jingles are the super-sweet musical icing laid on top of video commercials, with insanely catchy tunes that will remain glued to your brain indefinitely. Jingles can be a very…
coke advert


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Following our trip to the dystopian world of Apple’s 1984 commercial, where next? An idyllic hilltop in Italy, of course. Bring your hiking boots and a bottle of Coke, because…

Interactive Ads: The Future Of Videos?

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If you have a Netflix account or are interested in high-concept films, you have probably heard about Black Mirror’s interactive film ‘Bandersnatch’. This is a psychological thriller in which you…
gilette ad

Gillette: The Best An Ad Can Be

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There was a time when the main aim of an ad was to sell a product in the most audience-friendly way possible. Sparking boycotts would have been an advertisers’ nightmare.…