This is the House of Storytellers that we Built

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This blogpost is a celebration of the 12th anniversary of VSQUARED. The article speaks about the progress of VSQUARED over the years and the obstacles faced by the team. The…

Animation: The Answer to Advertising During the Coronavirus

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If you're a business owner who still wants a killer video, worry not. Animation might just be the answer to advertising during the coronavirus pandemic

Web Design Trends for 2020

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Website design is a pretty recent art form and design trends change quickly. Here is our pick of the 7 hottest web design trends for 2020.


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When countries (and then continents) began to fall victim to COVID-19, advertisers around the world began to sweat. Quarantine means people staying home, which means businesses closing, which means less…

Gettin’ Animated with James Lightfoot!

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We’ve had plenty of exciting visitors at VSQUARED HQ over the past year: influencers, pop stars, and even a robotic dog.  One of our most interesting guests, however, was a…

Jingles All the Way!

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  Jingles are the super-sweet musical icing laid on top of video commercials, with insanely catchy tunes that will remain glued to your brain indefinitely. Jingles can be a very…
coke advert


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Following our trip to the dystopian world of Apple’s 1984 commercial, where next? An idyllic hilltop in Italy, of course. Bring your hiking boots and a bottle of Coke, because…
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Interactive Ads: The Future Of Videos?

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If you have a Netflix account or are interested in high-concept films, you have probably heard about Black Mirror’s interactive film ‘Bandersnatch’. This is a psychological thriller in which you…
gilette ad

Gillette: The Best An Ad Can Be

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There was a time when the main aim of an ad was to sell a product in the most audience-friendly way possible. Sparking boycotts would have been an advertisers’ nightmare.…