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With everybody social distancing, making live action commercials isn’t so easy. Those tend to require a large number of people together in often tight spaces. 

But if you’re a business owner who still wants a killer video, worry not. Animation might just be the answer to advertising during the coronavirus pandemic, as it can be made by artists working from home.

What’s most exciting is that there’s a whole world of style to explore. Question is, which would suit your needs more? Let’s dive in and take a look.

Stop Motion

Stop Motion has a unique look, and it’s very old school. Basically, this revolves around taking pictures of models or objects and moving them slightly between takes. Movement isn’t always smooth, but the jittery feel adds to its charm.

Stop motion is ideal for videos to have a quirky feel and can make a business appear more friendly and approachable.

We used stop motion in our ad for Taxify (later named Bolt).

taxify advert, bolt advert, stop motion animation

You can show off your actual product but in a stylish, imaginative way. We worked on this in our ad for Franke sinks.

Graphic Videos

Graphic videos are the simplest form of animation, basically playing with the movements of typography and icons. These can convey a lot of information quickly and can be very eye-catching. These are particularly effective when it comes to online videos. People who scroll through their feeds might not stop to watch a long video, so grabbing their attention with some quick graphic animation could be the answer. 

Check out one of our latest examples of graphic animation.

graphic video, website online video, vsquared

2D Animation 

Flat 2D animation is perhaps the most common form of animation around. It used to be a time consuming process, with each frame exhaustively sketched. But now, motion-tweening and customisable vector art have made it relatively quick. It’s a very versatile medium and there are a variety of illustrative styles to choose from. It can turn a fact-and-figure heavy script into something fun and colourful. This makes it a super choice for explainer videos and infomercials.

An example would be our videos for Transport Malta.

transport malta, bicycle awareness, 2d animation

Cut Out Animation

Cut out animation is sort of the cross between 2D animation and stop motion. Traditionally, this involved moving cut outs and photographing them from the top. This effect can be achieved digitally too, and allows the animator to play with focus and lighting in a way that’s hard to replicate in 2D animation. Like stop motion, it can give the video a quirky feel. It is perhaps best used for more artistic projects.

Check out our cut-out animation for the song ‘Sinner’ by Red Electrick.

Ultimately, animation is going to be a huge trend during this crisis, one that’s going to yield very creative results. If you’re looking for a cool animation to promote your business, get in touch with us and we’ll discuss what style suits you best!