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Having fresh content on your website and social media pages has always been important. However, while in the past this might have been seen as a luxury, nowadays fresh content is a necessity.

Most people will carry out an internet search before even thinking of visiting a store or contacting a company. Not only does fresh content show prospective clients that you keep up with the trends but it also boosts your page to the top of search engines.

In the past, producing one very high quality and high budget video, would last for a few years. However nowadays splitting that budget over a few less budget-consuming videos and producing a video every few months allows the company brand to stay fresh and current.

This doesn’t mean that the video needs to be a low quality video. While having fresh content is important, having interesting and engaging content is always a priority. By having engaging content produced on a regular basis, you create a brand presence and a brand identity. People are more likely to know about your brand. Creating hype and interest, allows you to make a mark in the world, and more importantly in people’s memories.

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