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So, it’s that time of year again. We look back over a year of mistakes, regrets, and belly-bloating indulgences, and draw up a list of resolutions we swear we’ll stick by in the coming year (or, more likely, the following few hours). When it comes to the world of Video Commercials, we’d be the first to admit that there’s always room for improvement.

So without further ado, here are our 5 Video Commercial Resolutions for 2019

1 – DO Keep It Simple

A common mistake advertisers are prone to make is that they overstuff their ads. They try to promote too many products, appeal to different audiences, and squeeze every bit of info they can in 15 or 30 seconds. This is understandable: if you’re paying for a time-slot on TV, use it to its full potential, right? Well, it’s this kind of thinking that leads to forgettable, generic ads. A better approach is to present a strong, simple concept, and get the audience curious enough to look up the details themselves. Putting too much info in makes it come across like a hard sales pitch, which is both desperate, and dated.

2 – DO Tell Stories

What makes an audience stay watching a commercial rather than hitting skip? One major factor, often overlooked, is narrative. What is the story you are trying to tell? Humans are storytelling animals: it’s part of our evolution. Therefore, if the commercial has a narrative we are naturally drawn to keep watching. It doesn’t matter if the video is in a cinematic, or documentary style, or if the story is real or fictional. In 2019, embrace the power of storytelling.

3 – DO Embrace Social Issues

It’s clear that the world is becoming more heated politically. Social Media has taken debate to a whole new level, with everyone being able to voice their opinion to the world on issues ranging from Women’s Rights to LGBTQ equality, to the environment. Companies shouldn’t be afraid to voice what they stand for. After all, values are part of a Brand’s identity. Video commercials are a great way to do this.

4 – DON’T Forget Social Media

This isn’t exactly news, but social media is the platform through which we see the most advertising. The way we watch things on social media is very different to TV, and commercials must adapt to these differences, or risk losing a huge potential audience. Shorter video durations suit our ever decreasing attention spans, and the square format better suited to Instagram should be kept in mind when composing an image.

5 – DON’T Miscast

Choosing the right actors will make all the difference in the world. Not only does bad acting instantly make even the most cinematic looking commercial feel amateur, but it will waste a lot of time on set when the star needs to be coached on every line. We’re all familiar with local commercials that have become infamous for mangled line readings and embarrassing pronunciation of English.  More than that, actors should also reflect the demographic the brand is seeking to attract. So, in 2019, don’t skimp on the budget for actors, and don’t just cast your mates. Go for the pros.