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Do you remember the good old days at school, when the teacher used to call all the children in the class to form a circle so that s/he tells a story? How did that feel? What was the experience like? All of us get excited to listen to a new story, to learn about a character and engage with that story. A good story gives a brand a voice. This is how you may construct your brand story.

Let’s start with the basics: What is a brand story? A brand story is a complete picture of every element in the Brand’s environment. Every element says something about your brand, be it your logo, the colours, the building or place where your brand is situated, the products or services, the packaging, the staff hired to deliver your product or service, and most importantly your customers. These elements all make up your story. This will allow consumers to perceive your brand according to the way you are presenting it.


There are four key categories where you can focus your story on. It can be:

1. The Brand’s Founding Story
How did your business come together? And why?

2. Your Customer’s Story
How are customers overcoming a struggle?
What is the solution provided by your product or service?

3. The Employee’s Story
How are your employees growing?
What is their success story?

4. The Sponsorship Story
Who does your brand support? Who does it sponsor?
What Community is your brand part of?


When writing your brand story it is essential that such story is:

1. Valuable to the customer
Help your customers understand who you are, what you are offering, what are the benefits, how they can make use of these benefits;

2. Relevant to the customer
The story must always target your customer, and must be of interest to them;

3. Constant
Life is never static. Stories must continue to develop and therefore, one story is not enough.

4. Engaging
In the end, you want customers to take action. Make them like, or share your brand; and buy your products or services.

There are various mediums through which you may tell your story. One of the most effective mediums today is video. Video has the capacity to capture your brand story in a way that taps into the right emotion and engages the audience in a way that will make them care about you emotionally and intellectually. It is a very dynamic medium that when it is in the right hands, you will not be disappointed. The below is one example from V Squared’s Portfolio that tells a story the right way.


BARE Sports Promotional Video