How VSQUARED are adapting to this strange new world

VSQUARED TEAM work from home during covid-19

It’s strange how only a couple of months ago, life seemed pretty…. normal. Certainly, Coronavirus was looming large in other countries, but it all seemed far away. It existed in the newspapers and the television sets, not in our lives. Now, though, the media barrier has burst, and the Coronavirus has changed our day to day lives on a scale none of us could have predicted. 

The team at VSQUARED are, of course, no exception. A lot has changed for us, primarily our work environment. Like so many other businesses we’re working from home to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  And that’s taking a little getting used to. Sure, there are perks, from not having to commute in the morning, to working in pyjamas. But, at the end of the day, we miss being together. We miss the in-person meetings, the brainstorming sessions, the team lunches. We miss the chats over coffee, the Friday afternoon sing-alongs and Daniel’s steady supply of puns. 

At the same time, we realise and appreciate how, unlike so many businesses, we are lucky enough to be able to function. It is in these times that the power of modern technology is truly appreciated. We are able to carry out our team meetings over video-conferencing, transfer footage online, and use Google Drive to share documents and schedules. Meanwhile, our whats-app group is an ever-flowing stream of memes and jokes that help us see the funny side of these strange days.

That’s not to say it’s been business as usual. With since so many places closed, and so many events cancelled, our in-take of clients has dropped sharply. It’s an unfortunate fact that, in times of economic recession, advertising takes a serious hit. 

 So we had to get flexible, making the most out of the creative resources we have available, and identifying an area we feel we can help. With so many businesses now having to rely on home-delivery, it struck us that many of them do not have modern, easy-to-use websites where customers can place orders. Given we have highly talented designers and animators on board, we decided to offer our services as website creators. This will help our clients to get noticed and soar above the competition. In this new world where online shopping is a must rather than a convenience, a good website is crucial. Our team also includes content writers and social media managers, to ensure regular online engagement. 

Ultimately we’ve always strived to give clients top-quality creative work, and the Coronavirus is not going to change that. We truly are in this together, and we want to help clients, old and new, brace the COVID-19 storm we’re currently swirling in. 

Above all, we’ve realised the value of teamwork and communication amongst ourselves. It might sound paradoxical, but in a way, self-isolation has brought us closer together. Cut off from the outside world, it’s comforting to have the company of the team. A team which never loses its sense of humour or passion for work. A team which gives a shit