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Digital Marketing Vacancy

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VSQUARED is a creative hub for video content. We are looking for an experienced and creative Social Media Specialist to join our team. You will be responsible for developing and…

Gettin’ Animated with James Lightfoot!

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We’ve had plenty of exciting visitors at VSQUARED HQ over the past year: influencers, pop stars, and even a robotic dog.  One of our most interesting guests, however, was a…

Jingles All the Way!

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  Jingles are the super-sweet musical icing laid on top of video commercials, with insanely catchy tunes that will remain glued to your brain indefinitely. Jingles can be a very…
coke advert


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Following our trip to the dystopian world of Apple’s 1984 commercial, where next? An idyllic hilltop in Italy, of course. Bring your hiking boots and a bottle of Coke, because…
bandersnatch ads

Interactive Ads: The Future Of Videos?

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If you have a Netflix account or are interested in high-concept films, you have probably heard about Black Mirror’s interactive film ‘Bandersnatch’. This is a psychological thriller in which you…
gilette ad

Gillette: The Best An Ad Can Be

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There was a time when the main aim of an ad was to sell a product in the most audience-friendly way possible. Sparking boycotts would have been an advertisers’ nightmare.…


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This article will kick off a series of retrospectives on classic commercials from the advertising world: the adverts that have shaped the ways commercials are conceived, produced and distributed. When…

Video Commercial Resolutions for 2019

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So, it’s that time of year again. We look back over a year of mistakes, regrets, and belly-bloating indulgences, and draw up a list of resolutions we swear we’ll stick…

Sainsbury’s vs John Lewis: Battle of the Christmas Ads

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Christmas is a season of many beloved traditions: midnight mass, the Queen’s speech, board games, and Secret Santa. However, over the last decade, another tradition has emerged: big-budget Christmas adverts…