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Following our trip to the dystopian world of Apple’s 1984 commercial, where next? An idyllic hilltop in Italy, of course. Bring your hiking boots and a bottle of Coke, because…
bandersnatch ads

Interactive Ads: The Future Of Videos?

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If you have a Netflix account or are interested in high-concept films, you have probably heard about Black Mirror’s interactive film ‘Bandersnatch’. This is a psychological thriller in which you…
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Gillette: The Best An Ad Can Be

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There was a time when the main aim of an ad was to sell a product in the most audience-friendly way possible. Sparking boycotts would have been an advertisers’ nightmare.…


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This article will kick off a series of retrospectives on classic commercials from the advertising world: the adverts that have shaped the ways commercials are conceived, produced and distributed. When…

Video Commercial Resolutions for 2019

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So, it’s that time of year again. We look back over a year of mistakes, regrets, and belly-bloating indulgences, and draw up a list of resolutions we swear we’ll stick…

Sainsbury’s vs John Lewis: Battle of the Christmas Ads

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Christmas is a season of many beloved traditions: midnight mass, the Queen’s speech, board games, and Secret Santa. However, over the last decade, another tradition has emerged: big-budget Christmas adverts…

Digital Marketing & Content Specialist

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Our team is growing and we are now seeking to appoint an experienced DIGITAL MARKETING & CONTENT SPECIALIST. Primary tasks and responsibilities include: Managing  V Squared’s Website & Social Media…

Simply Brilliant Ideas in Commercials

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Commercials don’t need to be over the top and effects-driven to grab an audience’s attention. Sometimes, simple is better, and advertising agencies have proven time and time again that it’s…

When an Advert is Directed by a Famous Filmmaker

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An advert can be a lot more than just simplistic product pushing. Sometimes they are the work of a singular artistic vision, and over the years talented commercial directors have…